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You can easily start your conference

With professional conference calls you can bring business partners all over the world together at short notice – fully independent from flight or train cancellations or delays. Complex schedules and long-term travel planning are things of the past. Important information can be exchanged at any time and decisions can be made quickly. Your dialogue partners can dial themselves in from any network worldwide. All they need is a touch-tone phone or an internet connection for dial in via VoIP.


In your secure customer area you can book your conferences round-the-clock. You can choose between:

  • Dial-In: Participants dial in themselves and take the connection costs.
  • Dial-Out: Participants will be called automatically by the system - here you have to bear the costs.
  • and Mixed forms.
Picture: Dial-Out conference call

Customer area

You can invite all participants with a single click by e-mail via your online customer area. They will receive automatically all important information.



participate by telephone

via telephone

When participating by phone, there are the options dial-in and dial-out. If you would like to participate in the conference via dial-in, simply dial one of the worldwide dial-in numbers, select the menu language (D, E, F) with the keyboard and enter your PIN. Already you are connected to the other participants. If you want your system to call your participants, use the dial-out option. The participants are then automatically connected to the other participants upon receipt of the call (without language selection or PIN entry).

participate via VoIP

via VoIP

When participating via VoIP, you are conferencing over the Internet and need a microphone and a loudspeaker (e.g. headset). The conference starts directly in your internet browser (via WebRTC) and does not require a download of files. WebRTC supports encrypted connections, so your connection is optimally protected. If participants work with non-encrypted browsers (such as Microsoft Edge), they have the option to download a free entry participant module. The menu language (D, E, F) corresponds to that of the browser.


Control your conference: online or via telephone keyboard. As well as all participants can use several features, too.


The moderator has additionally the option to control the conference in your online customer area. If you defined the duration of the conference during planning, it will automatically end to the predefined time.


We have summarized adjacent for you possibilities of control over your own telephone keyboard.


  • Lock conference call
  • Replay participant's names
  • Participant mute / speaking
  • Suspend last participant
  • Counting participants
  • Call recording




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