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We like to put your wishes into around modern communications - e-Maill, fax, SMS and conference call.  Please find enclosed our current further products - as well as special solutions realized by our development team for you. Talk to us about it!

  • Web-SMS
    • [Translate to English:] Ihre SMS direkt vom
      PC versandt
  • Internet-Fax
    • [Translate to English:] Faxen ohne Faxgerät
  • Fax-receive
    • [Translate to English:] So kommen alle
      Ihre Faxe an
  • Conference call
    • [Translate to English:] Alle an einem Tisch
  • Web conferencing
    • Depict your information
  • Conferences
    • [Translate to English:]
  • Voucher shipping
    • [Translate to English:] Belege sicher zugestellt
  • Fax on demand
    • Retrievable information
      for your customers
  • Alerting service
      • [Translate to English:] Wichtige Informationen
        sofort versandt
    • [Translate to English:] [Translate to French:] [Translate to English:] Wichtige Informationen
      sofort versandt

Martina Assenmacher

Ingram Micro Pan Europe GmbH

"The sending of our newsletter takes only a few minutes – nevertheless it is handled in a very professional way. We are not in need of additional software and do not have to enter a long term commitment. That’s how we stay flexible. Furthermore we really appreciate the support of the attentive GTC-employees."


Uwe Streb

Festina Uhren GmbH

"The customer service gave us great advice. Now we are getting much more out of our actions, can make campaign comparisons and achieve exactly what we want."


Jürgen Klein


"GTC is our long-standing partner for sms and e-mail boradcasting and is very reliable. Thumbs up."


Bettina Holz

X-PERION Consulting AG

"Our employees are on the road throughout Germany, partly even in Europe. A regular coordination is essential here. We are completely independent with GTC central meeting: all participants are dialing themselves in via telephone. It doesn’t matter, where the participants are. Even the dial-up from abroad happens at low costs, due to international access numbers."


Edgar Augel

Stadtmobil carsharing AG

"E-mailings created with the template editor look great. In addition, our mailings now always adapt to the size of the receivers with responsive design. Fantastic."


Roland M. Rupp

Schweizerischer KMU Verband

"The service at GTC leaves nothing to be desired. Also the simple operation, the evaluation and the multilingual menu is great."


Christof Korr

CreditPlus Bank AG

"An sms will not be overlooked. Therefore, sms-mailing is our choice when it matters. With GTC, we have found a professional, with which everything runs great. And what is especially important to us is that all data remain in Germany."

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